ONE UN - World Urban Forum 11th Session
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ONE UN - World Urban Forum 11th Session (WUF11, 26–30 June 2022, Katowice, Poland)


United Nations funds, programmes, and
specialised agencies comprise a distinctly important constituency for
the World Urban Forum (WUF) as they represent critical links to global
agendas and commitments at the policy level to leave no one behind in
the pursuit of sustainable development. Sustainable urbanization
approaches driven by UN-Habitat place the world's cities and urban human
settlements at the heart of that development.

theme of Transforming Our Cities for a Better Urban Future presents a
city-oriented, urban-grounded opportunity to deliver on commitments to
accelerate progress toward the Global Goals, and a vibrant knowledge
marketplace to explore the best ways to do it.

09:00-10:30 MCR2030: Fostering risk-informed urban development to advance urban resilience action.

10:45-12:15 Territorial and Urban-Rural Governance: Key Tools for Biodiversity.

12:30-14:00 Financing the SDGs in Cities: UNCDF/UN-Habitat Fused Offering for Cities.

14:30-16:00 Implementing
the harmonised Global Urban Monitoring Framework (UMF) and its Shanghai
Adaptation (The Shanghai Adapted Index/SAI) for monitoring SDGs/NUA and
supporting VLRs and the SDG Cities Programme.

16:30-18:00 The UNESCO MIL Cities paradigm and the 2030 Agenda: metrics for the cities of the future.