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Geneva Press Briefing: OCHA, IFRC, WMO, ILO, WHO…

Geneva Press Briefing: OCHA, IFRC, WMO, ILO, WHO
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Geneva Press Briefing



OCHA            Jens Laerke (B-128)

·         Humanitarian reach in Ukraine Jan-April this year 


IFRC              Birgitte Bischoff Ebbesen (Zoom from Budapest), IFRC Europe regional director

·       Humanitarian needs in Ukraine and neighboring countries and IFRC operations


WMO             Clare Nullis (Zoom)

·       Near-normal hurricane season is predicted

·       WMO Congress continues


ILO                 Rosalind Yarde (Zoom)

·       Launch of the latest ILO Monitor report on the World of Work and the International Labour Conference, openning on 5th June.


WHO             Dr Rüdiger KRECH (B-128), Director for Health Promotion

·         World Now Tobacco Day 2023 – Grow Food, Not Tobacco




WHO              Christian Lindmeier (B-128)

·         WHA76 updates