Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum: Children & Business: Making the Connection for Sustainability (Global Compact /UNICEF/Save the Children)
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As a vulnerable group and also as future change agents, children are a key stakeholder on Rio+20 Summit agenda. This event provides an opportunity for business leaders and other stakeholders to explore business impacts on children.


Both as a vulnerable group, but also as important change agents and our future, children are a key stakeholder on the agenda of the Rio+20 Summit. It is in everyone's interest that their well being is ensured, and that the world they grow up in will be a sustainable one. This event will provide an opportunity for business leaders and other stakeholders to explore how their decisions can maximize the positive impacts and minimize the negative impacts on children. Additionally the event will look specifically at how Global Compact Local Networks are advancing children's rights. How businesses can best implement the Children's Rights and Business Principles will be underscored throughout.


  • Gary Stahl, UNICEF Brazil
  • Elisabeth Dahlin, Save the Children Sweden
  • Pierre Sane, UN Global Compact
  • HM Queen Silvia of Sweden
  • Susanne Stormer, Novo Nordisk
  • Greg Priest, IKEA Group
  • Cecilia Rena, Grupo Arcor
  • Jeroo Billimoria, Child and Youth Finance International
  • Tatiana Alves, Deal Consultaria
  • Heloisa Oliveira, Fundação Abrinq-Save the Children
  • Subajini Jayasekaran, CSR Specialist, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)