Turning it around for youth empowerment through…

16 September 2021


Turning it around for youth empowerment through visual storytelling - Global Week to #Act4SDGs Turning Point Dialogues series 2021


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16 Sep 2021

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The Turning Point Dialogues are an integral part of the Global Week to #Act4SDGs and aim to inform and inspire participants about key issues like climate action and poverty alleviation, human rights, combating global inequalities.
Creative education has the power to transform the lives of young people to overcome trauma, grow artistically and gain skills to enter the global marketplace. Visual story-telling provides a vehicle for empowerment that can open new opportunities and provides a tool for tackling sustainability challenges by capturing the reality of the photographer's lived experience, whose work in turn can spark positive and sustainable change. Canon and Lens on Life are turning it around for youth empowerment through visual storytelling. Speakers:  - Marina Ponti, Director, United Nations SDG Action Campaign - Sam Powers, Co-Founder, Lens on Life Project - Jeanine El Moughrabi, Sustainability Engagement Lead, Canon EMEA

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