Session 7: Parallel Breakout Session A - United…

Session 7: Parallel Breakout Session A - United Nations Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism 2022
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Session 7: Parallel Breakout Session A - Safe participation of victims of terrorism in criminal justice processes
Like any victim of crime, the place and role of victims of terrorism in a terrorism-related criminal justice process depends on the legal system of the country, and on their own varying needs, expectations, and willingness to participate. Victim participation in legal proceedings can promote individual healing and rehabilitation by providing victims with a sense of agency, empowerment, and closure. By allowing a victim to participate in the proceedings, justice can take on a more personal dimension, permitting victims to express their views and concerns, to tell their story, to "experience" justice and to seek reparation. This session will highlight the needs of victims of terrorism to safely participate in victim-centric judicial proceedings to ensure that appropriate advice, assistance, care, facilities and support are provided to every victim throughout the criminal justice process in a manner that prevents revictimization and secondary victimization