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#IAmWithYou Campaign Launch

#IAmWithYou Campaign Launch
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"I am with you": Just four simple words with a world of meaning.

"I am with you": Just four simple words with a world of meaning. As part of the Master Plan initiative, we are proud to announce the #Iamwithyou campaign in order to raise awareness of, and provide resources for, the millions of young people around the world suffering from depression, loneliness, and the suicidal ideations that can accompany them. As such, the #Iamwithyou campaign fits squarely within the fundamental objectives of the Master Plan's efforts to promote SDG3.  According to the WHO, in 2016 over 62,000 people between 10-19 years of age committed suicide. In the years since this number has only increased, with predictions that this tragic trajectory will only continue. These figured, though disturbing, belie the far more widespread impact these suicides have on the family and friends of the deceased, with depression and thoughts of suicide having a hydra-like ripple effect across families, schools, and communities.  Youth emotional despair is a global health crisis.  #Iamwithyou will be spread through social media, while also stressing that connections found online have proven insufficient for a happy life; it is simply not enough to connect online. Rather, #Iamwithyou encourages fulfilling real-life connections with among young people, teachers, and parents.  These latter two groups in particular have the responsibility to help not only develop the skills of young people, but also their emotional wellbeing. The young and struggling need to know that they are loved, and are not alone in their struggles. They need to hear from all of us who can help: "#Iamwithyou".  Event organized by the Permanent Mission of Botswana to the UN in co-sponsorship with Permanent Missions of: Grenada, Norway, Afghanistan, Costa Rica, Palau, Dominica, Lithuania, Portugal, The Gambia and Collegiate Congress Inc.