Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development

#EveryLife - Every child's right to a safe…

21 March 2018


#EveryLife - Every child's right to a safe and healthy journey to school, Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development, 21-23 March 2018, Bonn, Germany

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21 Mar 2018

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Every child has the right to healthy development and an education. Yet, every day 3,000 children and adolescents suffer road traffic death or serious injury. Road danger and air pollution blight the school journey and lives of millions more. There is inequity in transport provisions: the poorest children live alongside the most dangerous roads, breathe the dirtiest air and have barriers to education and, eventually, employment. Failure to address these urgent and connected issues prevents progress on the SDGs for healthy lives for all, for sustainable cities and communities and climate action. Our objective and our challenge to leaders around the world is to deliver safe and healthy journeys to school for every child by 2030. Solving these complex problems demands new ways of working, new collaborations and new approaches. The Child Health Initiative brings together organizations specialized in child health, air quality, urban design and road safety to maximize the impact of solutions that already exist, as well as deliver new ideas. Front and center are the voices of the children and young people demanding their right to grow up in cities designed for them, and whose futures the SDGs hope to protect. Join our session to be taken on a journey. Experience the challenges facing millions of children every day as they make their way to school. Learn about practical work that is already saving lives and improving the wellbeing of children around the world. Have your say with our expert panel on how to make safe and healthy journeys for every child a reality. Be compelled to take action.