Consideration of Kuwait (Cont'd) - 2551st Meeting 93rd Session Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination
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Consideration of Kuwait (Cont'd)

Delegation of Kuwait 1. H.E Jamal Alghunaim (Head of Delegation), Ambassador, Permanent Representative, Permenent Mission of the State of Kuwait, Geneva 2. Mr. Talal Almutairi, Deputy Assistant of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Head of the Human Rights Office in Kuwait, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 3. Mr. Abdullah Almuhanna, Under-Secretary Assistant of the Correctional Administration Affairs and implementation of Judgement, Ministry of the Interior 4. Dr. Saud Alharbi, Undersecretary Assistant of Education Research and Curriculums, Ministry of Education 5. Dr. Majeda Alquattan, Undersecretary Assistant for Public Health, Ministry of Health 6. Mr. Hassan Kh Mohammad, Undersecretary Assistant of Social Development, Ministry of Social Affairs 7. Mr. Zakaria Alansari, Undersecretary Assistant of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Justice 8. Mrs. Kholoud Alshehab, Deputy to the Director-General of the Human Resources and Finance- Manpower 9. Mr. Huda Alshaiji, Coordinator, COmmittee on Women's Affairs 10. Colonel Mohammad Alwuhaib, Director- Central Bureau for Illegal Residents 11. Mr. Ghanimah Alsarawi, Prosecutor 12. Mr. Mishal Aldaehani, General Administration for Councils Affairs, Ministry of Interior 13. Mr. Redha Alshammeri, Officer, Department of inquiry proceedings, Ministry of Interior 14. Mrs. Soulaf Almeshal, High Specialist on Information - Central Bureau of Illegal Residents 15. Mrs. Muna Alattya, Legal Reseracher, Ministry of Interior 16. Mrs. Mohammad Alghareeb, Legal researcher, Ministry of Interior 17. Mr. Meshal Almansour, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait 18. Mr. Saad Almuhaini, COunsellor, Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait 19. Mr. Haider Abulhasan, Second Secretary, Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait 20. Mr. Muhamad Alabduljalil, Third Secretary, Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait 21. Mrs. Ranya Almulaifi, Political Researcher, Permanent Mission of the State of Kuwait 22. Mrs. Shahad Altammar, Researcher, Ministry of Foreign Affairs