Consideration of Cambodia (Cont'd) - 1731st Meeting, 74th Session Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
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Consideration of Cambodia (Cont'd)


Delegation of Cambodia

1. H.E. Dr. ING Kantha Phavi, Minister and Chair of Cambodian National Council for Women (CNCW) Chair of CNCW and Minister of Ministry of Women's Affairs (MOWA)

2. H.E. Ms. NHEAN Sochetra, Director General of General Department of Social Development, Ministry of Women's Affairs

3. Mr. SAO Vong Virak, Deputy Director of Minister's Cabinet, Deputy Director of Women and Education Department

4. H.E Mr. CHHAY Vannoeun, Secretary of State and member of CNCW, The Council Ministers

5. H.E. Mr. NATH Bunroeun, Secretary of State and member of CNCW, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

6. H.E. Ms. TEP Boramin, Secretary of State and member of CNCW Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction

7. Ms. CHANN Soriya, Deputy Director of Department of Land Dispute Affairs

8. H.E. Mr. CHUK Mony, Secretary of State and member of CNCW Ministry Civil Service

9. H.E. Ms. KOA Chariya, Under Secretary,Ministry of Economic and Finance

10. Ms. KAN Bola, Deputy Chief of Budget Office, General Department of Budget

11. Ms. SUONG Sovan, Deputy Chief of Office of Tax Department of General Department of Taxation

12. H.E. Mr. NHEM Aun, Deputy Director General of the General Department of Prison, Ministry of Interior

13. H.E. Mr. KIM Santepheap, Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice

14. H.E. Mr. CHAN Darong, Secretary of State, Ministry of Rural Development

15. H.E. Ms. PRAK Sophonneary, Under Secretary of State Ministry of Health

16. H.E. Ms. SOVANN Vannaroth, Under Secretary of State Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training

17. H.E. Mr. NGY Simaneth, Ministerial Advisor and Deputy Director General of Administration and Finance

18. H.E. Ms. BUNCHHITH Veasna, Secretary General, Permanence of Secretariat General of CNCW

19. Mr. PHY Sokun, Deputy Secretary General

20. Mr. CHIN Chan, Director of Legal Unit 2 - Permanent Mission to UNOG

21. Mr. LONG Sokhan, Chargé d'Affaires a.i., Permanent Mission to UNOG

22. Mr. NGETH Thunsereibandith, Labor Counsellor

23. Mr. SAY Bunchheng, First Secretary

24. Mr. SOKHA Phadora, Second Secretary

25. Ms. MENG Moniruoth, Mission Staff

26. Mr. SO Sobrosoeu, Intern