(Part 2) Africa Dialogue Series 2022 High Level Policy Forum "Building Resilience in Nutrition on the African Continent: Accelerate the Human Capital, Social and Economic Development"
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On 26 and 27 May, a High-Level Policy Dialogue will be held to further integrate the views of Member States into the examination of the four ADS 2022 sub-themes. Sub-themes 3 and 4 will be covered on 27 May.

3) Social protection can significantly reduce families' vulnerability, severe food insecurity and exposure to risk. In recent years, threats, and crises - due to both natural and human-made disasters - are not only more frequent but also increasingly complex. As such, the international community is progressively facing the need to tackle emergencies that combine several vulnerability drivers: chronic poverty, food insecurity, inequality, violence, instability, displacement, climate change, natural hazards, and weak governance

4) Enhancing agriculture productivity and food systems in general requires appropriate and affordable technology and innovations supported by sound policies and functioning institutions. Use of modern irrigation systems, mechanization of farming and reduction of post-harvest losses are high priorities for the continent. Adoption of sound policies and practices which enhance management of natural resources, identify and enhance innovative financing models and boost regional value chains are key to the desired agriculture transformation in the continent.