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School Meals Coalition Launch Event

16 November 2021


School Meals Coalition Launch Event

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16 Nov 2021

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The School Meals Coalition is an emerging initiative of governments and a wide range of partners to drive actions that can urgently re-establish, improve and scale up food and education systems, support pandemic recovery and drive actions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The School Meals Coalition launches at a moment of peril for many of the world's children. The pandemic shuttered schools across the globe, and many still remain closed. This has had a devastating impact on children's education, especially poorer children, and their subsequent chances in life. Re-opening schools safely is crucially important and, as we know, providing nutritious school meals are among the most effective ways to attract children to, and keep them in, school.

At the event, we will hear from political leaders from some of the 60+ countries that have joined the School Meals Coalition, as well as from a wide range of other stakeholders, from academia to civil society, to children themselves. We will hear about the transformational potential of school meals programmes and why they are so much more than a plate of food: how they improve children's education, health and nutrition; support local agriculture and employment; promote gender equality and help local communities become more resilient.

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