98th Session

Consideration of Lithuania - 2721st Meeting 9…

30 April 2019


Consideration of Lithuania - 2721st Meeting 98th Session Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination

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30 Apr 2019

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Consideration of Lithuania

Delegation of Lithuania

1. Mr. Neris GERMANAS, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Head of Delegation

2. Mr. Darius STANIULIS, Director of the United Nations, International Organizations and Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Head of Delegation

3. Ms. Sigita ALEKNĖ, Specialist, Equal Opportunities and Equality between Women and Men Division, Ministry of Social Security and Labour

4. Ms. Lina CHARAŠAUSKAITĖ, Advisor, International Cooperation Branch, Ministry of Interior

5. Ms. Inga GALDIKAITĖ, Minister Counsellor, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Lithuania to the United Nations Oifice and other International Organizations in Geneva

6. Ms. Aisté JAKŠTIENĖ, Second Secretary, Human Rights Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

7. Ambassador Andrius KRIVAS, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Lithuania to the United Nations Office and Other International Organizations in Geneva

8. Ms. Ieva LUKOŠEVIČIENĖ, Advisor, International Law Branch, Ministry of Justice

9. Ms. Vida MONTVYDAITĖ, Director, Department of National Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

10. Ms. Jurga ZIENIŪTĖ, Prosecutor, Department for Criminal Prosecution, Prosecutor General's Office

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