Women, Peace, Power: women photographers as peacebuilders
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This event is organized by the Department of Peace Operations, the Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs and UN Women.

Inspired by the "In Their Hands: Women Taking Ownership of Peace" photographic exhibition, the "Women, Peace, Power" discussion focusses on the challenges faced by women as photographers and storytellers in conflict and post-conflict settings, their aspirations and roles in advancing peace and gender equality. It is moderated by Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming and features photographers Maura Ajak (South Sudan), Ley Uwera (DR Congo), Sammy Vasquez (Colombia), Hana'a Haza (Yemen) and Laura Roumanos, co-founder and executive director of Photoville. 

The "In Their Hands" exhibition profiles 14 women from the Middle East, South America and Africa who have mediated with armed groups, participated in peace talks, advanced political solutions and advocated for women's rights together with the women photographers who captured their stories. It is available on the UN Exhibits website.