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18 June 2012


Sustainable Energy for All - Sustainable Development Dialogues, Rio+20

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18 Jun 2012

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The Government of Brazil is organizing a forum for civil society in the context of Rio+20. Top representatives from civil society are expected to engage in an open and action‐oriented debate on key topics related to sustainable development.

Participants are:

- Mr. James Astill (United Kingdom) – The Economist

- Mr. Brian Dames (South Africa) - CEO, Eskom

- Ms. Changhua Wu (United States of America) - Director, Greater China - The Climate Group

- Ms. Christine Lins (Austria) - Executive-Secretary, REN21

- Mr. José Antonio Vargas Lleras (Colombia) – Vice-Chairman for Latin America and Caribbean (LAC), World Energy Council (WEC) / President, CODENSA S.A.

- Dr. Kornelis Blok (Netherlands) - Founder, Ecofys Group

- Dr. Luiz Pinguelli Rosa (Brazil) - Director, COPPE-UFRJ; Executive-Secretary, Brazilian Forum on Climate Change (FBMC)

- Ms. Sandrine Dixson-Declève (Belgium) - Director, EU Office, University of Cambridge, Program for Sustainability and Leadership;Vice-Chair, European biofuels technology platform

- Ms. Sheila Oparaocha (Zambia) - Executive-Secretary, International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy

- Dr. Thomas Nagy (Denmark) - Executive Vice President, Novozymes

- Mr. Vasco Dias (Brazil) - President, Raízen Energia