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2nd Meeting, 70th Session of the Commission (UNECE…

2nd Meeting, 70th Session of the Commission (UNECE)
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Digital and Green Transformations for Sustainable Development in the region of the Economic Commission for Europe

15:00: Roundtable: Digital and green – the twin transformations to advance sustainable development

Panel 1: Digitalization as enabler for climate action and decarbonization

The 4Ds of modern energy system: digitalization, decentralization, democratization, and decarbonization

  • Facilitator: Dr. Erlijn Van Genuchten, UNECE Task Force on Digitalization in Energy of the Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency
  • Setting the scene: Dr. Elizabeth Massey, Co-Chair, Task Force on Digitalization in Energy
  • Interventions from the floor

 Intelligent Transport Systems and integrated multimodal transport as a means to achieving greener transport

  • Facilitator: Ms. Hannie Meesters, Chair, Inland Transport Committee (ITC)
  • Setting the Scene: Mr. Francois Davenne, Director General, International Union of Railways (UIC)
  • Interventions from the floor, after the following experts:
  • Ms. Els De Wit, Chair, ITC Working Party on Transport Trends and Economics
  • Mr. Jim Robb, Chair of the Group of Experts on Cleaner Electricity Systems
  • Mr. Robert Thaler, Pan-European Programme on Transport, Health and Environment (THE PEP)

16.25: Panel 2: Enhancing trust and transparency: Using digital tools to support the green transformation Data for effective and evidence-based policymaking

  • Setting the scene: Mr. Padraig Dalton, Chair of the Conference of European Statisticians
  • Interventions from the floor

Back to the source: Traceability of materials across supply chains

  • Facilitator: Ms. Anna Stanley-Radière, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • Mr. Ilkhom Khaydarov, Confederation of Employers of Uzbekistan and UzbekTextilProm
  • Interventions from the floor

Innovative ways to relate with the public, share information and design policy

  • Mr. Nebojša Redzic, Working Group of the Parties to the Protocol on Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTRs)
  • Interventions from the floor

17.45: Wrap-up of the day