Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Syria & other topics - Daily Press Briefing
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Noon briefing by Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.


Our humanitarian colleagues in Ethiopia are telling us that they are aware of media reports of airstrikes in Tigray’s North-Western Zone that took place yesterday and that led to several civilian casualties reportedly. However, we have not been able to confirm these reports nor the number of casualties due to a lack of communications in the area.

In Geneva today, we launched the Afghanistan Humanitarian Response Plan for 2022. The plan seeks $4.4 billion to reach 22 million people in need of life-saving humanitarian assistance across the country.

On Sudan, we also launched the Humanitarian Response Plan for 2022, which aims to reach 10.9 million vulnerable people at a cost of $1.9 billion. Nearly half of these funds will go towards lifesaving activities.

On Syria, we are continuing to deliver aid to 3.4 million people in need in the northwest through the Security Council-authorized cross-border mechanism.

From the Central African Republic, the peacekeeping mission there is telling us that two people died and five more were injured during a violent demonstration which took place in the 3rd district of Bangui over the weekend.

From Yemen, the UN Mission to Support the Hudaydah Agreement (UNMHA) has expressed its concern at the allegations of the militarization of the Hudaydah ports.

At the Security Council this morning, El-Ghassim Wane, the head of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Mali, said that every effort should be made to resolve the current challenges linked to the transition process, as soon as possible.

From Uganda, the UN team there welcomed the reopening of schools in the country that took place yesterday.

From Bangladesh, UNICEF today said that it is deeply grieved and stands in support of the thousands of Rohingya refugees impacted by the fire that broke out recently in refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, which also damaged two UNICEF-supported learning centres.

Next door, in Myanmar, UNICEF also condemns the killing of at least four children and the maiming of multiple others during an escalation of conflict in the past week.

Thanks to advance payments applied for the year, four countries have already fully paid. We extend our thanks to Armenia, Kazakhstan, Nauru and Ukraine for being the first countries on the Honour Roll.

Captain Bill Ball, a 33-year veteran of the Security Services, died unexpectedly yesterday. It hasn’t been a day, but we miss him very much.