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Climate and Security (Maintenance of International…

Climate and Security (Maintenance of International Peace and Security) - Security Council, 8864th meeting
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Maintenance of international peace and security: Climate and security - Security Council, 8864th meeting.
Climate change is not the only, or even the main, driver of conflict. Nonetheless, there is increasing evidence that climate change is a vector which increases the risk of violent conflict in many contexts. This is in addition to the societal strains which climate events and change are imposing, notably in fragile settings where Governments have limited resources to manage overlapping crises while also helping populations adapt to climate change. This high-level open debate will deepen substantive awareness of how climate security risks are relevant to the work of the Security Council, and explore what tangible actions can be taken. The session will illustrate how climate change is affecting peace and security and discuss practical actions the Security Council can take to address climate-related security risks.