From Resource to Resilience: Harnessing Urban…

From Resource to Resilience: Harnessing Urban Water for Inclusive and Sustainable Cities - 2nd session of the UN Habitat Assembly
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Water has been the lifeline of human civilization, influencing the location and development of cities.50 percent of the world's population lives closer than 3km from a freshwater body, while 40 percent of the world's population lives within 100km of the coast. Urban waters have, however, been placed in direct conflict with urbanization, resulting in pollution, destruction of ecosystems, limited access to public spaces, climate change related hazards, and poor urban health for over 3 billion people.
The proposed event seeks to contribute to the discourse on sustainable growth of cities alongside water resources, particularly rivers, lakes and oceans. It aims to convene stakeholders to share their experiences on planning with water in cities, highlighting the application of innovative approaches such as nature-based solutions, the blue economy, community-led initiatives and green technology.