98th Session

Consideration of Hungary (Cont'd) - 2720th…

30 April 2019


Consideration of Hungary (Cont'd) - 2720th Meeting 98th Session Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination

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30 Apr 2019

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Consideration of Hungary (Cont'd)

Delegation of Hungary

1. H.E. Mr. Péter SZIJJÁRTÓ, Minister, Head of Delegation

2. H.E. Mr. Péter SZTÁRAY, State Secretary for Security Policy

3. Dr. Ferenc DANCS, Deputy State Secretary for Migration Challenges

4. Ms. Hajnalka HÁRSFALVAI, Deputy Head, Cabinet of the Minister

5. Ms. Anna ATANASZOV, Head of Section, Press Department

6. Mr. Péter Dimiter SZTOJCSEV, Adviser, Press Department

7. Mr. Krisztián BARANYAI, Adviser, Cabinet of the Minister

8. Dr. Áron RÓNASZÉKI, Adviser, Department of Int'l Organizations

9. Mr. Edgár TAMÁS, Security Officer

10. Mr. Balázs FRIDRICH, Security Officer

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