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Honoring the Establishment of a Zero Tolerance…

Honoring the Establishment of a Zero Tolerance Policy Against Child Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Violence
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On the 19 September 2023, the Republic of Sierra Leone, in collaboration with the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Global Collaborative will host a High-level Side-event to raise awareness of  the 18 November, World Day and actions all nations can take to address the global health crisis of child sexual exploitation, abuse and violence.

During this event, the Global Collaborative, an initiative founded by survivors of child sexual abuse from around the world will present a special memorial to the United Nations, for display each November 18, to highlight the importance of this annual day of observance. This special event includes testimonials by survivors on the importance of the world day and the lasting impact it will have on their lives. In addition, the Global Collaborative will recognize the Republic of Sierra Leone and The Federal Republic of Nigeria for their leadership in co-facilitating the world day resolution, and the 192 Member States, who supported the resolution, and the leadership and staff of various entities within the United Nations for all they have done to protect children from sexual abuse, and for bringing  justice, healing, and peace to survivors.

The event also includes a presentation by the Council of Europe on the Convention on Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse, also known as "the Lanzarote Convention." The Convention sets specific legislation nations may adopt and measures they can take to prevent sexual violence, to protect child victims and to prosecute perpetrators.