8th Meeting, 9th Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention
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Ninth Review Conference of the States Parties to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction
10:00 Provisional agenda for the Ninth Review Conference
  • 1. Opening of the Conference
  • 2. Election of the President
  • 3. Adoption of the agenda
  • 4. Submission of the final report of the Preparatory Committee
  • 5. Adoption of the rules of procedure
  • 6. Election of the Vice-Presidents of the Conference and Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons of the Committee of the Whole, the Drafting Committee and the Credentials Committee
  • 7. Credentials of representatives to the Conference:
  • (a) Appointment of the Credentials Committee
  • (b) Report of the Credentials Committee
  • 8. Confirmation of the nomination of the Secretary-General
  • 9. Programme of work
  • 10. Review of the operation of the Convention as provided for in its Article XII:
  • (a) General debate
  • (b) Articles I-XV
  • (c) Preambular paragraphs and purposes of the Convention
  • 11. Consideration of issues identified in the review of the operation of the Convention as provided for in its Article XII and any possible consensus follow-up action
  • 12. Follow-up to the recommendations and decisions of the Eighth Review Conference and the question of future review of the Convention
  • 13. Other matters
  • 14. Report of the Committee of the Whole
  • 15. Report of the Drafting Committee
  • 16. Preparation and adoption of the final document(s)