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Moment for Nature, The Africa We Want & other…

Moment for Nature, The Africa We Want & other topics – PGA Spokesperson's Briefing
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Briefing by Paulina Kubiak, Spokesperson for the President of the 76th Session of the General Assembly.


The President of the General Assembly, Abdulla Shahid, today took a Moment for Nature.

The high-level thematic debate is meant to highlight the need for the world to come together and take coordinated action to preserve the planet. Today's event is assessing recent decisions on the environment agenda and presenting solutions to common bottlenecks.

This is important to keep the 1.5 degrees target alive, and make progress on the Sustainable Development Goals amid COVID-19 recoveries.

In his opening remark, President Shahid said that "We know that we have backed ourselves into a corner with our recklessness. We know that this will only get worse, and quickly, as we continue to delay the actions that are needed."

Today's meeting reviewed information from the three COPs on Climate, Desertification and Biodiversity, the UN conferences on the Ocean, sustainable transportation, food systems, and energy, and the UN Environment Assembly, UNEP@50, as well as Stockholm +50.

The review was done by the UN Environment Programme, at President Shahid's request.    

To identify common bottlenecks – such as the gaps between commitments and actions, the need to mobilize a wide range of stakeholders, and lack of awareness on these issues.

Today's event includes widespread participation of civil society groups and young people.

The event began with a musical piece by Ricky Kej entitled 'Born From the Land'.

Convening today's high-level thematic debate was something that President Shahid has wanted to do for a long time. It was actually a campaign pledge that he had made. 

The Moment For Nature event will last through this evening.


Tomorrow is a special high-level dialogue on the theme "The Africa We Want: Reconfirming the Development of Africa as a Priority of the United Nations System".

It will be held in the Trusteeship Council Chamber.

This is a joint initiative by the President Shahid, and the President of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Collen Vixen Kelapile.

The high-level event will include addresses from representatives of Governments, as well as provide a platform for a wide range of stakeholders from African regional and sub-regional institutions, women, youth groups, civil society, the private sector, academia, and the media. 

The event will focus on thematic issues such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, energy, and productive capacity development as entry points to Africa's recovery; preparing for COP27 – an "African COP"; domestic resource mobilization, innovative financing and global partnerships for recovery and progress on the SDGs and Agenda 2063.

The Presidents of the General Assembly and of the ECOSOC will use the opportunity of the dialogue to launch a call for action to accelerate implementation of Agenda 2063, the African Union's blueprint and vision for Africa's Development and the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.