The Multi-Partner Human Security Trust Fund for the Aral Sea Region: Advancing Regional and International Cooperation Towards Comprehensive Strategies in Support of Sustainable Development
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The Governments of Japan and Uzbekistan have joined together with the UN Human Security Unit, the United Nations Country Team in Uzbekistan, and the Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office to organize a High-Level Event on the Multi-Partner Human Security Trust Fund (MPHSTF) for the Aral Sea region. The purpose of the High-Level Event is to gather a broad range of stakeholders to present evidence-based strategies for reducing vulnerability and advancing sustainable development in situations of extreme environmental fragility. Through the MPHSTF, the event aims to unite stakeholders and combine resources to bring to scale a sustainable response to the multiple insecurities faced by the communities of the region. As the "hub" for integrated measures taken at national and regional levels, the MPHSTF will ensure sustainable development, create decent living conditions, and maintain social stability in the Aral Sea region. It is expected that following the event, agreements will be reached with international financial institutions and donor countries on their commitments to support the MPHSTF for the Aral Sea region. Opening remarks by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres.