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Ministerial Side Event on Resilient Creative Economy…

24 September 2021


Ministerial Side Event on Resilient Creative Economy for a Thriving Future

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24 Sep 2021

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The side event will examine the following question: Why creative economy sectors are important for their country? How to rebuild an inclusive creative economy sectors and make them resilient? Who should be participating to join the effort? What are the leader's commitments to create a thriving future for the creative economy sectors?
We are making progress since the COVID-19 pandemic started in the beginning of 2020, unfortunately the road to recovery is uncertain. The restrictions on people's movement and mass gatherings during the pandemic have curtailed activities that  stream from culture and tradition. Thus, the unprecedented situation has delivered devastating consequences to the majority of the creative economy actors and businesses. During the prolonged pandemic, most creative economy sectors that have successfully survived are the ones that have adapted and transformed their business using innovation and digital technology, from the creative process, production until the products or services are delivered to consumers. Regrettably, most creative actors and businesses are still struggling to face enormous challenges. The creative economy sectors in most developing countries and LDCs that are limited in terms of resources and digitalizing are unable to adjust to the new conditions, which put them at risk of falling behind.
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