World Humanitarian Day - Geneva Commemoration…

World Humanitarian Day - Geneva Commemoration 2022
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Annual observance of World Humanitarian Day at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Swit zerland. The commemoration of World Humanitarian Day is a highlight in the agenda of International Geneva. Ms. Tatiana Valovaya looks forward to your participation which will send a strong signal of support, demonstrating our collective commitment to the humanitarian cause.
Designated by the General Assembly to be observed on 19 August - the day when 22 colleagues were killed at the United Nations Office in Baghdad, World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity to pay tribute to colleagues who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and to honour the thousands of aid workers who continue to provide much needed support to people suffering from conflicts or disasters across the world. As the world's humanitarian capital, Geneva plays a central role in bringing together partners to ensure an effective humanitarian response.