Tourism Ocean Action – Towards a circular and regenerative blue economy: Side Event - UN Ocean Conference 2022
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The event will explore innovative solutions from policy makers and businesses to accelerate ocean action in tourism and support the transition towards a more circular and regenerative blue economy.

Tourism is the largest sector of the ocean-based industries representing 40% of its total export value. Coastal and maritime tourism plays a significant role in the economic prosperity of island and coastal communities, bringing jobs, investment and income. Besides the benefits of tourism development, there are also challenges such as the loss of biodiversity, pollution and resource consumption.

At the core of the blue economy is the decoupling of socioeconomic development from environmental impacts. The side-event will focus on sustainable consumption and production as a key strategy to accelerate tourism ocean action. Policy makers and businesses will share policies, strategies and solutions to accelerate the contribution of towards a more circular and regenerative blue economy.