amplifyHER ep 2: MC Yallah
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amplifyHER is a 10-part podcast, filled with music and passion, from the United Nations, supported by SoundCloud.
Prepare to hear some of the most powerful beats featured in this season of amplifyHER! MC Yallah has had a long and eventful career as a rapper in Uganda, but her work has reached a new level since she signed to Kampala's renowned Nyege Nyege label. This episode was recorded whilst Yallah was in the middle of a massive European team; since working with producers such as Debmaster and Scotch Rolex, Yallah has won over a brand-new audience in Europe, whilst continuing to burnish her reputation back home. Like and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, to ensure you don't miss an episode! Original music that appears in amplifyHER is included with the kind permission of the artists. All rights reserved.