3rd meeting, Social Forum 2020
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3rd meeting, Social Forum 2020


Global-local interlinkages II: Productive capacity, public budgeting, tax justice and participation

Moderator: Ms. Anida Yupari Aguado, Economic Affairs Officer, Office of the Secretary General, UNCTAD

• Mr. Patrick Osakwe, Head, Trade and Poverty Branch, UNCTAD

Building productive capacities and transforming economies to achieve sustained and inclusive development in Africa

• Ms. Busi Sibeko, Economist and researcher at the Institute for Economic Justice (IEJ), South Africa

Budgetary choices and spending priorities

• Mr. Nicholas Lusiani, Senior Advisor on Corporate Advocacy at Oxfam America

Fiscal space, taxation and illicit financial flows

• Ms. Flavia Oliveira, Commentator at GloboNews, Columnist at O Globo newspaper and radio CBN. Podcaster at Angu de Grilo, Brazil

Discrimination, Racism and participation in budgeting

Interactive dialogue

"Seasons in the Time of Corona", Music video by the UN Music Club (UN.Ensemble.Virtuel):

- Ms. Idalina Cappe de Baillon (soprano, staff member, UNICEF)

- Ms. Ursula Loizides (flute, staff member, WHO)

- Mr. Damianos Serefidis (violin, staff member, OHCHR)

- Mr. Michael Wiener (piano and composer, staff member, OHCHR)

The role of the state and public policies to address poverty and inequalities

Moderator: Mr. George-Konstantinos Charonis, Youth Focal Point, OHCHR

• Ms. Ileana Morales Suarez, National Director of Science and Technological Research at the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba


• Ms. Shahra Razavi, Director of the Social Protection Department, International Labour Organization

Social Protection, Universal Basic Income and Cash Transfers

• Mr. Andrew Becroft, Children's Commissioner, New Zealand

Child poverty: Cause and solutions? – Community causes and government response

• Ms. Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

Employment, decent work and minimum wage, and the future of work

• Mr. Balakrishnan Rajagopal, Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, and on the right to non-discrimination in this context

Housing and urbanization

• Ms. Ariunaa Shagdarsuren, Chairperson, Association to Support Mongolian Women's Labour, and Ms. Dolgor Ayush, Chairperson, Alliance for Development, Mongolia

Education in the context of extreme poverty

Interactive dialogue/Breakout groups