Georgia, UPR Report Consideration - 30th Meeting, 47th Regular Session Human Rights Council
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Adoption of reports of the Universal Periodic Review Working Group, for following States whose reviews took place in January 2021


Adoption of reports by the Universal Periodic Review Working Group of - Georgia
---Under Agenda Item 6: Universal periodic review---

  • H.E. Mr. Alexander Maisuradze, Permanent Representative of Georgia (Additional Information)--
  • H.E. Ms. Khatuna Totladze, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia--
  • Morocco, Mr. Mika Jerry--
  • Namibia, Mr. Amar Rai--
  • Nepal, Ms. Tatiana Molcean--
  • Republic of Moldova, Ms. Olga Vorontsova--
  • Russian Federation, Mr. Anouar Missaoui--
  • Tunisia, Ms. Tanja Tuominen--
  • UN Women, Mr. Mohammed Alshamsi--
  • United Arab Emirates, Ms. Teresa Levigne--
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ms. Lela Bakradze--
  • UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund, Mr. Emilio Barroeta--
  • Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Mr. Pham Van Trung--
  • Viet Nam, Mr. Pham Van Trung--
  • Afghanistan, Mr. Mohibullah Taib--
  • World Jewish Congress, Ms. Elen Berkovich--
  • Human Rights House Foundation, Mr. Matthew Jones--
  • China (Point of Order), Mr. Zhang Jiazheng--
  • Action Canada for Population and Development, Ms. Salome Iobadze--
  • Ingenieurs du Monde, Mr. David Naftulin--
  • International Catholic Child Bureau, Ms. Mariam Maskhulia--
  • International Lesbian and Gay Association (Joint Statement), Mr. Gabriel Galil--
  • H.E. Mr. Alexander Maisuradze, Permanent Representative of Georgia (Final Remarks) --
  • Ms. Monique T.G. Van Daalen, Vice-President of the Human Rights Council (Adoption)--