Briefing Session - A better quality of life for…

Briefing Session - A better quality of life for all in an urbanising world: promoting health and wellbeing - 2nd session of the UN Habitat Assembly
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The briefing session on urban health will illustrate how integrated approaches can lead to better urban health outcomes. The session will also showcase recent publications on health and development from UN-Habitat and other partners. Partners will have the opportunity to review and assess UN-Habitat and WHO collaborative efforts thus far and identify any further actions required to enhance their contribution to healthier cities and regions.
The UN-Habitat Strategic Plan 2020-2023 emphasises the need for UN-Habitat to leverage partnerships with local and regional governments, sister United Nations entities, the private sector and other development actors and stakeholders. The 2020-2023 plan also highlights that sustainable development cannot be achieved without addressing the basic human rights of the millions of marginalised urban dwellers living in poverty and subject to marginalisation and that this can be done in a variety of ways, including by improving health and expanding access to health care.