Side event on the margins of the Global Humanitarian Policy
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This side event serves as an opportunity to discuss extreme heat as a silent killer and bring the Extreme Heat report to the United Nations audience in New York and to engage the diplomatic, humanitarian, and science communities in a discussion about the impacts of extreme heat on people and communities, but especially those in the most vulnerable and marginalized situations, and our governmental and humanitarian responses. 

Specifically, the event aims to:

  • Explain the report's findings and discuss the impacts of extreme heat on people and communities, especially those in most vulnerable and marginalized situations;
  • Engage United Nations Member States in a discussion about how the governments are preparing for heat-related disasters and seeking to reduce the humanitarian impacts of these events;
  • Highlight how local and international actors understand hard and soft limitations to adaption and how they are working on heat adaptation, including infrastructure and risk transfer measures, early warning systems, and support for livelihoods;
  • Provide recommendations for governments and humanitarian organizations on how to invest in heat adaptation.