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End-of-Year Video message from ASG Bernardo Mariano…

23 December 2021


End-of-Year Video message from ASG Bernardo Mariano Junior, Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO)

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23 Dec 2021

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End-of-Year Video message from ASG Bernardo Mariano Junior, Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) on UN Web TV.

Dear colleagues,

As we approach the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, I have been reflecting on the things I am most grateful for. 

Primarily among those is a group of supremely talented ICT professionals.  I am honored to work with them. Technology experts who are committed to developing tools that enable the essential work of the United Nations. 

 Since joining the OICT family in August, I have been impressed by their talent and commitment. A successful hybrid General Assembly in September was one of these moments of admiration. 

Other highlighted achievements from 2021, despite a year of continuing challenges due to COVID, includes.  

  • Multi-factor authentication: In collaboration with other teams we migrated Umoja authentication to Azure. It strengthened our overall cyber security of the Organization digital assets.      

  • The creation of an online platform for the Office of Disaster Risk Reduction.  A three-step roadmap for cities to become more resilient.  

  • Mapping for A Sustainable World. A publication to share best practices and methods in geospatial data and cartography. 

  • Our contribution to the SG data strategy. Data is the new gold.

Thank you for allowing OICT to partner with you to deliver this and many other great results.

This year proved that you are devoted to ensuring our technology supports the essential work of the Organization. As we celebrate 2021, it is equally important that we think about what we want to accomplish in 2022.   

As we enable the digital transformation of UN, part of UN 2.0 the key priorities of OICT are

  • Innovation

  • Cybersecurity

  • Digital transformation

We will deliver these results with good governance, user experience at the center and with high performance. Together with you we will contribute to create a hybrid UN world, effective, efficient and inclusive.

Thank you, again, for your dedication, your commitment and your professionalism. You inspire me every single day, and I am so very honoured and grateful to be part of the OICT family. 

I wish you and your families a very festive holiday season and a healthy and fruitful New Year.