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07 Jun 2022

Guess what these flags mean

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For the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables, the Trolls are joining forces with the United Nations, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the UN Foundation.

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We are in this together. Till everybody is safe, nobody is safe. Let's end vaccine injustice and ensure #AShotForAll. @UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors @PadmaLakshmi, @yemialadee, @conniebritton and #MichelleYeoh join us in demanding #VaccinEquity #UNGA

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu and UN Envoy for Tuberculosis Jorge Sampaio call for support in the fight against tuberculosis and HIV.

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Youth ECOSOC will hold an event to discuss creating a sustainable future to empower youth with better job opportunities. This event will take place at 4 May 2012, UN Headquarters in New York.

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The United Nations Messenger of Peace and two-time Academy Award winner Michael Douglas today appealed to children from around the world to bring to life their artistic impressions of what a world without nuclear weapons would look like. Mr. Dougl

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Recognizing the role that forests play in everything from mitigating climate change to providing wood, medicines and livelihoods for people worldwide, the United Nations kicked off on 2 February 2011 a year-long celebration to raise awareness of the

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As the world population approaches seven billion, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today stressed that ending global poverty and inequality is the key to unleashing the great human potential for prosperity and peaceful coexistence, while protecting the

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Uzbekistan Midwifery

17 Jun 2011

Uzbekistan has reasonable maternal access in the major towns and cities but in rural areas access for pregnant mothers is still lacking. Mothers usually deliver at home with no access to skilled birth attendants. The UN Population Fund is helping to

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