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Press Briefing on Impact of Conflict in Gaza on Women

Press Briefing on Impact of Conflict in Gaza on Women

Shahd Sataria (second from left), Program Coordinator at Palestinian Working Women Society for Development (PWWSD), briefs reporters on how the war in Gaza has impacted women and children, including her family. The press briefing was organized by the Karama network, which shines a light on the essential role of women in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, and was sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Ireland to the United Nations.

Also present from left to right were: Rana Khalil, Program Coordinator at PWWSD; Shahd Sataria; Amani Aruri, Karama Ambassador for Youth, Peace and Security and Women, Peace and Security; Brigitte Chelebian, Founder and Director of Justice Without Frontiers in Lebanon.
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