UN Headquarters

Gifts Presented to the United Nations at Headquarters

Gifts Presented to the United Nations at Headquarters

Over the years, contributions to the furnishing and decoration of United Nations Headquarters in New York have been made by many Governments, organizations and individuals, reflecting the varied cultures and artworks of the world.
A view of the fountain in the plaza in front of the Secretariat Building which was paid for by the donations of school Children throughout the United States in a campaign sponsored by the American Association for the UN and started by its Seattle office. Children in all 48 States as well as the District of Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands contributed their small savings (a total of $50,000) to help decorate the home for peace. The fountain is set in a circular pool, approximately 100 feet in diameter. The bottom of the pool is covered with a wave of patterns of symmetrical black and white bands of pebbles, each band separated by a four-inch-high curb. At night the fountain is illuminated by specially designed lights placed beneath the sprays. The fountain was accepted on 26 June 1952, anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter at the San Francisco Conference of 1945.
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