Transmission Guide

UNTV offers broadcast clients different modes to connect, like video hubs in New York or a limited number of direct dedicated fiber lines or file links of recorded speeches and events, sent out free of charge by the United Nations AV Library.

Press conference at the press briefing room

UNTV live pool feeds are transmitted via fiber lines to two New York video hubs, Encompass Media and The Switch.
All major networks have connectivity to one or both video hubs. At time of your booking, you can make Special arrangements according to your needs.

Audio is embedded on the following channels: Ch 1: Floor – Ch 2: English – Ch 3: French – Ch 4: Russian – Ch 5: Spanish – Ch 6: Chinese – Ch 7: Arabic (for General Assembly and Security Council Meetings, other events may not be interpreted into all official UN languages).

Please see below the contact information for Encompass, and The Switch and some other transmission partners. (UNTV is not endorsing any service over the other, our feed is free for broadcasters, but you will have to pay the transmission costs to the company you are choosing).

Security Council press stakeout position

If you don’t need live transmission, you can also request video files of speeches or whole events.

HD Broadcast quality files are available, free of charge, by sending a request to the UN AV Library. The links will usually be sent out within an hour of speech delivery, depending on demand and traffic.

For any other questions, please contact us on the contact page. We can send you our daily broadcast schedule to always keep you in the loop.

Satellite television and live transmission services

You may inquire with the following organizations regarding their facilities for satellite television services/ live transmission services.


800-295-4198 or +1-203-965-6300 , ,

Encompass requires no less than 48 hours advance notice in order to coordinate customer set up, transmission services and resources. Most customers may be asked to pay by Credit Card in advance or at time of service.

"The Switch"

Bookings: (212) 227-9131 |
Network Operation Centre: (212) 227-9191 | ,

New clients should contact



Global Media Services (GMS)

1 212 621 7420


TV Help Desk in London

+44 20 7542 2244


(212) 265-3288


(404) 381-2900

Booking Department


(310) 845-3939

Booking Department


are available, free of charge, by sending a request to:

For any other questions, please contact UNTV at 917 367-9231 or 914 393-1072 or 212 963-0128 or using the UNTV contact form.